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Available Puppies

I have a couple puppies available from our May 11th litter.

1 Blue Female

1 Fawn Female

2 Fawn Males

Cropping scheduled for the beginning of July, however, there is time to make changes if natural ears are preferred. Puppies may go home mid July, dates depend on whether ears are cropped or left natural.

Serious inquiries only!!! Please be sure that you AND all other members of the household are ready to add a puppy to your home, BEFORE contacting me.

I do NOT maintain a waiting list. Reservations with a deposit are required to hold a place for an available puppy.

PLEASE... allow a few days for me to respond to your inquiry or submitted questionnaire. I am quite busy and check messages when I have time to get on my laptop and read through emails. Thank you!!

Price Includes:

  • Tail docking and dew claw removal
  • 1 st distemper combo
  • Weekly deworming
  • 2 year congenital health guarantee
  • Natural or Cropped ears (cropping addnl $)


$2000 Natural ears

$2500 Cropped ears

Addnl options:

Micro-chipping $25

What to do next:

  • Complete questionnaire
  • Email completed form to me for review
  • I will contact you with any questions or concerns
  • Reservation form will be emailed to approved home. It must be completed and returned with deposit. 


Important information to read:

If your first and foremost concern is the price of one of our puppies OR YOUR ability to breed one of our pet/family companion puppies in the future, then I am not the breeder for you.

Our puppies are sold with a non-negotiable spay/neuter contract.

AKC limited registration still allows participation in certain AKC dog sports, but does not give breeding rights to our puppies. In some cases, we will hold AKC papers until proof of spay or neuter has been provided.

This is at breeder discretion!

We carefully screen our prospective homes to ensure the best possible placement for the babies we raise and love.

We are not open 24/7 like Walmart and certainly dont have puppies readily available for someone to stop in any day of the week to pick one out and take one home. You are likely to get shot and since ammo is in short supply, warning shots will not be made!

I have removed my telephone number from the website due to customers calling all hours of the day and night. Phone calls at 2am in the morning, to discuss a puppy, is certainly not called for!!

I do not have time, with all of my responsibilities that I have at home, to talk to every customer who calls (nor the patience for idiots calling at 2am).

Please understand, that I am a very busy person and will return messages as soon as I can.

I do not return any puppy inquiry phone calls, until after I have received a completed questionnaire.

Some of our previous puppies!

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