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Jambolou Doberman Pinschers

Reservation Form

Jambolou Puppy Reservation Form - updated 1/24/21

  1. First and foremost…Please know that I reserve the right to keep any pick puppy outof any litter, continuing my line for future breeding and showing.
  2. Our Natural eared puppies are $2,000 which includes tail docking, dew claw removal, 1st shots, wormings, and 2 year congenital health guarantee.
  3. Cropped puppies are $2500, however, this could change due to finding a new vet and any additional costs will be required by customer before the puppy leaves. Please see my Pricing page on my website for details and explanation.
  4. I will gladly refer to Reputable vets for customers to do ears themselves and to save money.
  5. I require a NON-REFUNDABLE $250 “good faith deposit” to reserve a puppy from an upcoming breeding and is applied to the cost of the puppy and puppies are placed in order of customer deposit.
  6. Once a litter is born and I can provide a puppy, the balance will be due, which can be made in 2 equal payments. Any additional costs, due to cropping will be added to the balance.
  7. IF we already have puppies available, ½ down is required. Balance due at 6 weeks of age.
  8. If there is only 1 puppy of the color/sex requested, that puppy goes to the #1 buyer on the list.
  9. Choosing your puppy (if applicable) is done at 6 weeks of age. We will make arrangements for you to come out in order of deposit. ***Balance owed on puppy is also due by 6 weeks of age.
  10. Natural eared puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age
  11. Cropped puppies can leave at approx 9 weeks of age.
  12. I do my best to predict available puppy time frame, however, we do ask for patience and flexibility. Mother Nature is in charge and we have to work with what she gives us.
10. Puppies are sold with AKC limited registration only and breeding rights are not given.
12. Micro-chipping is available for $25.00 with free registration in nationwide registry. Some customers do not want this done, so I offer it as an added, option if pets get lost or taken. Fee covers cost of microchip

Jambolou Dobermans/ Andrea Smeltzer reserves the right to refund /cancel any reservation up to date of sale, if a buyer cannot maintain good relations with the breeder or if she feels you are an inadequate home for one of her dogs. In the event of any dispute, the parties agree that legal jurisdiction shall be in Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA.


Home Phone:________________________________


City:_________________________________State:__________ Zip Code:____________________

E-Mail address: ____________________________________

Cell # for photos __________________________

NOTE: The more flexible you are in regards to color and gender, the better chance of being able to get a puppy from an upcoming litter. I cannot guarantee a litter producing certain colors/genders, I can only make the best possible guestimates.

1st choice Gender/Color Preferred: M____ F____ Blk/Rust Red/Rust Blue/Rust Fawn/Rust

2nd choice Gender/Color Preferred: M_____ F ____ Blk/Rust Red/Rust Blue/Rust Fawn/Rust

____No preference - take whatever gender/color is available

____ I want microchipping for $25 - to be added to price of puppy

By signing this reservation form, I acknowledge that I have thought extremely hard about the responsibility of owning and purchasing a puppy, understand that the wait time could vary, and that my deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

Buyer Signature __________________________________________________Date:__________

Refund Policy: Due to the issue of customers, with what I refer to as “breeder surfing,” I have modified my refund policy.

(Breeder surfing definition- customers who place multiple deposits with different breeders, taking the first available puppy, and then want their deposits back from the other breeders.)

Deposits will be forfeited if:

#1 A reservation is cancelled prior to a litter being born

#2 A puppy matching your reservation preferences is available, but you opt not to take the puppy (or a different puppy available in the litter)

#3 Backing out at the very last minute, before completing the purchase any time before puppy is ready to leave.

Refunds are given ONLY after a litter has been born and a puppy is not available that meets your preferences on the reservation form. You may opt to leave your deposit in place for the very next available litter.

By signing this reservation form, I acknowledge that I have thought extremely hard about the responsibility of owning and purchasing a puppy, understand that the wait time could vary, and that my deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

Buyer Signature ________________________________________________________Date:__________

2-yr Congenital Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement

Jambolou Dog Sales Agreement:

Breed:    Doberman Pinscher

Color:    Black/Rust Red/Rust Blue/Rust Fawn/Rust

Sex:   M   /   F       D.O.B: _______/________/__________                         Call name given __________________

This puppy is being purchased as a Companion/ Pet       Purchase Price_____________________

Sire: _______________________________________________________

Dam: _______________________________________________________

Purchaser Agrees To The Following Conditions:

1. The Doberman is a purebred Doberman Pinscher, bred to the AKC Doberman standard.

2. The litter is registered with the American Kennel Club and an individual AKC registration form will be furnished to the buyer after the breeder has received payment in full.

3. To the best of the Breeders knowledge, this Doberman is free of communicable diseases and at time of sale the Doberman was in excellent health. The Doberman has received appropriate medical inoculations and care based on a holistic medical approach.

4. JAMBOLOU BREEDER GUARANTEE – “Breeder Guarantee” is limited to congenital diseases ultimately leading to the death of the puppy prior to age of 2 yrs / 24 months. No one can guarantee genetics, but the Breeder guarantees that if your Doberman should be diagnosed with or die prematurely (before the age of 24 mo.) from a congenitally caused problem documented by your vet, the Breeder will give you another puppy from the next available litter – the only cost by owner would be to pay the cost of ear cropping.

Note: A detailed diagnosis by treating veterinarian and/or an autopsy to determine cause of death is required and at the cost of owner for all disorders or un-explained deaths through and up to the age of 24 months.

The following are not covered by this guarantee:

Cardiomyopathy - DCM is not covered due to the prevalence of the disease within the breed and complicated even more so with the relationship between feeding a grain-free diet and increased instances of DCM. Research is ongoing with genetics to help stop DCM within the breed and recommendations that pet owners never feed grain-free diets. Since there is no way of telling whether or not cardiomyopathy presents itself genetically or if the onset is caused by owner feeding a grain-free diet (even for a short time), Dilated Cardiomyopathy cannot be covered.

Vaccines – giardia, lyme, leptospirosis, corona, osteosarcoma, and more. If the death is deemed vaccine related (no matter the vaccine) we regretfully will not replace the puppy. Research is indicating that over-vaccination is resulting in un-explained deaths in cats and dogs. We highly recommend following a LIMITED VACCINE SCHEDULE which is provided in your puppy paperwork. Over vaccinating has become a major problem with veterinary care provided to our pets. Most vets do not follow this vaccine protocol. Titers are recommended to assess the level of immunity of puppy vaccines given and boosters avoided based on satisfactory immunity results.

Pediatric Spay or Neuter – Doing a pediatric spay or neuter before the age of 18 months will VOID this guarantee. Early alterations do not allow proper hormone production that will ultimately help protect their long-term health and avoid un-necessary diseases. Diseases such as cardiac tumors, bone cancer, prostate cancer, abnormal bone growth and development, higher rate of ACL ruptures, hip dysplasia, and spay incontinence in females are just a few studies have shown to be caused by early alteration.

5. Buyer is advised to take the Doberman to a licensed veterinarian within 5 days after taking possession, for a post-purchase general health examination by their own veterinarian. If during this health exam the Doberman is found to have infectious diseases such as parvo, corona, or distemper (internal, external parasites, and kennel cough excluded) the Buyer must return the Doberman with the Veterinarian’s written certification as to the health problem. The breeder then agrees to refund the full purchase price upon return of the puppy (uninjured or harmed) and registration papers must be returned to the breeder. A refund will be given only upon receipt of the report from a licensed veterinarian. The breeder is not responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred.

6. Docked tails and dew claw removal are considered cosmetic and aesthetic and are not guaranteed by the breeder.

FURTHER, One or both parents have been tested for the following specific health concerns deemed necessary: Hips, Cardiomyopathy via DNA, Cardiac Auscultations, 24hr holter, Vwd, Liver, Thyroid, and Kidney functions, as well as progressive retinal atrophy (CERF). Parental health results were deemed satisfactory and all considerations taken for this puppy’s breeding.

FURTHER, Buyers are admonished to limit the exposure of their new puppy to other dogs and outside high traffic dog areas until the puppy is at least 16 weeks old and has been given its third 3rd puppy vaccination.

FURTHER, This Doberman has been bred to the breed standard and for longevity as well as a healthy, sound, loving temperament, which should also be naturally protective of his family and home. We want your puppy to live a long healthy life, but YOU are a big part of this as well. Premium or RAW dog food diets, environmental stimulation, exercise, and following a holistic approach to medical care are all recommended. If you wouldn’t feed it or give it to your child, why would you feed it or give it to your beloved pet???

FURTHER, Buyer agrees that this Doberman is NOT to be chained to a tree, neglected by such, or left unattended. This Doberman is being sold with the agreement that it is being placed with carefully screened parties and that Buyer PROMISED the Doberman would become a member of the family and reside indoors as a member of their family. Should puppy be removed by authorities due to neglect, breeder will take possession and retain custody of said dog. Any legal fees will be paid by the original owner, should situation lead to legal proceedings.

FURTHER, Breeder requires that a puppy sold on limited registration. Dogs that are sold as companion animals are NOT allowed to be bred and are sold on limited registry or with papers withheld. Limited registration precludes Buyer from showing Puppy in conformation breed shows and from registering any litters produced or sired by the Doberman. Limited registration does entitle Buyer to register the Doberman with AKC and attend sanctioned obedience, agility, rally, and freestyle events.

FURTHER, if buyer is unable to keep said puppy/ dog, it must be returned to the breeder in order to find a forever home. No monies will be refunded on puppy/ dog. Puppy is not to be turned over to a rescue or animal shelter if you cannot keep him/her. Contact breeder immediately to schedule return.

FURTHER, if said puppy on limited registration is bred, damages in the amount of $2,200 will be owed to the breeder per PER puppy produced. It is at the breeder’s discretion to withhold AKC registration papers until proof of spay/neuter has been completed.

Lastly, any court expenses shall be covered or reimbursed by buyer in the event of breach of contract and all jurisdictional proceedings by buyer or seller must be filed and held in the county of ADAMS COUNTY Pennsylvania.

Additional: Informational health brochures as well as discussion provided at time of delivery on Doberman health issues, LIMITED VACCINE SCHEDULE, SPAY NEUTER REPERCUSSIONS, dog food samples if available.


Please remember that I am only human. I do not have a crystal ball or any guarantees for the life your puppy will live.

Take care of them as you would a child, with nutrition, exercise, stimulation, and love.

Seller's Name Andrea L. Smeltzer


**Copy of Condensed signature page signed by new owner to Bitch’s litter file.